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About Us

Westside Global Awareness Magnet SPAN school (K- 8) is a small, family-friendly campus, nestled between the Venice Beach shoreline and the Ballona Creek wetlands. Our highly trained teachers collaborate to create hands-on and project-based learning experiences in core math and English classes which are further supported in our Global Awareness science and engineering-based electives. Westside students utilize the surrounding environments of ocean and wetland to enhance their academic explorations in all classes, including physical education.

Our Mission

The mission of Westside Global Awareness K-8 Magnet School is to allow students to develop and demonstrate global competency and acquire the knowledge needed to interact productively and respectfully with people from diverse areas. Westside teaches global awareness through small-group interactions, peer coaching, and structured activities. Students learn to be critical thinkers, studying world issues from an environmental perspective; reflecting on cultural diversity, economics, politics, and real life issues. With competence in global awareness, students develop conflict resolution skills, self-esteem, and collaborative decision-making abilities.

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