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Help our school collect BoxTops for Education

Helping our school is easy and requires little effort on your part! We are collecting BoxTop Labels. 

Please clip and donate your labels to our school! Every label is worth 10 cents each for Westside Global Awareness!

Follow the link below for a list of eligible products and how you can help our school earn points online. Every little bit helps!


Westside Boost!

What is Booster Club?

Booster Club is a group of parents & community members who volunteer to raise money for our school to help provide the BEST possible opportunities for YOUR children.

The Boosters' primary purpose is fundraising and promoting school spirit.

The object of the Boosters is to support and raise money for Westside. The money we raise through donations and events directly benefit our students. As a non-profit organization, donations are tax deductible.

Are you interested in supporting the Booster Club? The Westside Global Booster Club can accept donations via check. All donation amounts are greatly appreciated so please contribute what you can.